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What!? Black Sabbath played over a Period of six Weeks in Zürich's Hirschen Club!?

Yeah, in Fall 1969 the Blacksmith's Shop, in a way the Birthplace of Heavy Metal, stood in the middle of Zürich's old town called Niederdorf.


A serious gap in the history of Zürich...

...hopefully forever bridged by this homage.

A work accident changes the World


Black Sabbath at Hirschen-Club in Zürich 1969

The Holy Sabbath

Ozzy and Tony talk drugs, the devil and how they invented heavy metal

Matt Diehl, Rolling Stone 

Posted Apr 21, 2004 12:00 AM



Osbourne: We recorded the first album on our way to catch a ferry. The manager goes, "Just stop off for the day and record them fuckin' songs you've been playing." It was fucking primitive: Two four-track machines in a studio smaller than this room! Twelve hours later, we were finished. It was like, "Wow, I thought recording records would be a lot harder."

Iommi: Within the band we had our own little communication, and people would read into it.

Osbourne: Everybody thinks "N.I.B." stands for Nativity in Black, but it's actually named after [drummer Bill Ward's] pointy beard. I was stoned, and I said to Bill, "You look like a fucking pen nib!" However, just recently I worked with an arranger who told me about the "devil's interval" -- it's a musical term for a tonality that at one point in history, like, in seventeenth-century-fucking-something, was banned for being evil. It turns out a lot of Sabbath's music is in the devil's interval! We had no idea!

Paranoid 1971

Osbourne: We originally called the album War Pigs, after some black-magic party we read about in an Aleister Crowley book. That's why the guy on the cover is wearing a pink suit with a shield and sword: He's dressed like a pig.

Iommi: They wouldn't let us use War Pigs as a title. It was basically about Vietnam.

Osbourne: I didn't know about Vietnam. I was a dim bulb when it came to world events. I was always loaded.

Iommi:We used to play this place in Switzerland where hookers would hang out, owned by a mad doctor who'd always scream, "No drum solo!" at us. We came up with "War Pigs" just jamming there. We'd start playing something, somebody would say, "Oh, I like that," and then we'd make it a song.


Interview with Ozzy on Swiss Radio DRS3 RockSpecial aired 14/07/2010:

"...the hirsch is not there anymore is it ? we used it to rehearse about 19 68 - 9 , long long time ago , we did like a residency it was like a bar it was about from here to the wall played from the bar we used to play there louder than the planet fuck it' we were crazy..."